Asemic Writing Essay

This is a brief essay I wrote about the history of asemic writing. Asemic writing is an art form that doesn’t actually involve literal writing. Though some may think it all looks like gibberish, I consider it a form of abstract poetry.

There are certain works of Chinese calligraphers and monks that date back to 800 AD. However, these pieces are few and far between and a formal movement for this style of work would not emerge for centuries. It initially gained more widespread popularity in Europe with the Lettrists, which would eventually evolve into the Situationists; both of these groups are incredibly important to me.

Introduction Spread.png

My goal for this project was to easily explain this complex topic, and do so using a page layout that reflected the style of the artwork. I believe that in using no set hangline, the page feels much more dynamic and activated, yet still reads with ease.